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Welcome to my website where I share product reviews and projects among many things, most of the topics are technology related.

The technical stuff discussed here on this site will be about computer hardware, embedded systems (from hardware to a software level), computer software (mainly related to Linux/UNIX).

On occasion I may do some projects or mini-projects. The homepage of the website will be updated as soon as I have plans for a project/mini-projects.

Update (January 30, 2022): Updated Website!

I have opted recently to change my web server setup with a new system that would make creating new pages quicker and easier. This site has been inactive in a long time, including my project but I plan on being more active now, though the Raspberry Pi Pico RTOS project is going to be put on hold for the time being until I take care of other projects and such.

Update (October 15, 2021): Added Gitea to the Website!

This one took me a while but I finally got an instance of Gitea up and running. I won't be updating the layout just yet of course. As for permissions on the repositories, this gitea instance is solely for source code that I upload or I permit to upload, of course forks and alternate branches of said code is allowed by other users. Any spamming or derogatory language will not be permitted and users will get banned for doing so. Currently I don't have any programs myself to upload just yet but I will continue working on the Raspberry Pi Pico RTOS soon.


Note Binder:

Source Code

Raspberry Pi Pico RTOS (DRPiTOS):


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Recent Posts

March 12, 2022: Note Binder - Note Organization Application: https://drewtechs.net/projects/note-binder

January 30, 2022: Updated Website with a new Web Server Setup.

October 15, 2021: Added Gitea to the Website to self-host source code: gitea.drewtechs.net

July 31, 2021: Project: Raspberry Pi Pico RTOS (DRPiTOS) Initial Design

June 1, 2021: Mini-Project: Portable Bluray Player

March 31, 2021: Added a Product Review for the Dell XPS 15 9575 w/Vega M

January 23, 2021: Currently removed the PeerTube and GitLab Section