Raspberry Pi Pico RTOS (DRPiTOS)

Raspberry Pi Pico RTOS (DRPiTOS)
Part 1: Concepts and Design


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March 12, 2022: Note Binder - Note Organization Application: https://drewtechs.net/projects/note-binder

January 30, 2022: Updated Website with a new Web Server Setup.

October 15, 2021: Added Gitea to the Website to self-host source code: gitea.drewtechs.net

July 31, 2021: Project: Raspberry Pi Pico RTOS (DRPiTOS) Initial Design

June 1, 2021: Mini-Project: Portable Bluray Player

March 31, 2021: Added a Product Review for the Dell XPS 15 9575 w/Vega M

January 23, 2021: Currently removed the PeerTube and GitLab Section